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Staff Apply Form

Started by Zminer05, Jan 07, 2017, 10:44 PM

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Ign (InGameName)?:
My current Minecraft username is cooperb9120
Age(Be Honest Please):
I am 13 years old
Rank you want to apply for?:
The rank I would like to apply for is moderator
From where did you get your experience of staff?:
I got my expierence from being a moderator on another server
Anything we can contact you in?(Skype,TeamSpeak,Discord,Email):
I have a Skype and Email which you can contact me in.
How Can You Help The Server?:
I can help the server by making it a more fun place and getting the server more popularity
How long did you play on the server?:
I just started on the Minecraft server but I am already willing to help it grow
If someone Hacks or Griefs the server what will you do?:
If someone would hack the server first thing I would do is report them. After that I would help rebuild and replace whatever they destroyed. Then I would communicate that the person is a possible danger to other servers.

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