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ReApp V3 -HQBeast ;)

Started by HQBeast, Jan 18, 2017, 11:55 PM

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HQBeast Staff Application ;)

Ign (InGameName)?:HQBeast

Age(Be Honest Please):10

Rank you want to apply for?:Anything Is Fine :)

From where did you get your experience of staff?:I Am Staff On A Server Called Magic Craft I'm Admin On It There Is A Server Also I'm Helper On It Dose not Have A Name :P I'm A Great Person I Know I'm Young For Staff But I Know How To Use GroupManager Thats The Only Thing I'm Good At :P

Anything we can contact you in?(Skype,TeamSpeak,Email):I Have Discord And Email If You Want Tell me

How Can You Help The Server?: Yes Of Course I Will Ban Hackers I Will Mute Or Ban Advertiseres I Will Warn The People Who Spam 1st Warn 2nd Warn 3rd Warn Then Auto-Ban Or Mute 5mins Or More :) I Will Do The Same To The People Who Swears 1st Warn 2nd Warn 3rd Warn Then Auto-ban Or Mute 5mins I Will Take Care of The Server I Wont Let Anyone Hack Grief Advertise Spam Or Swear I Will Never Do Something Bad I Don't Use a Hack Client I Don't Abuse My Power I Don't Ban People Without A Reason I'm A Great Person! I'll Make Everyone Happy Not Sad.

How long did you play on the server?: For Like 2 or 4 Days I Don't Know Acutally :P But This Server Is So Fun!

If someone Hacks or Griefs the server what will you do?:First I Will ScreenShot The Griefer 2nd If I Have /Ban or /TempBan I Will Ban Them And Never Let Them Live :) And The People Who Hack I Will Do /Tempban (name) 7d Hack Client [Speed Hacks Or Something Like That]

Thanks For Making Me Apply :)

Your Best Regards HQBeast ;)


I Hope I Get Accepted :)

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