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(Waiting on Accept) Blue's app

Started by TheBlueZYX, Jan 06, 2017, 02:53 AM

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Jan 06, 2017, 02:53 AM Last Edit: Jan 06, 2017, 06:40 PM by Orkamicky
What's your IGN? TheBlueZYX

Age?: 16 (turning 17 in around 1 month)

TimeZone?: pacific

Skype: Irongulum

Rank you are going for: Mod/Helper

What motivated you to apply for staff?: I was motivated through a couple of things, mostly my desire to improve the community. What started as my commitment has been now taken to the next step. What has made me decide to choose this moment as the time to apply was that a lot of players have been braking the rules: More hackusations, more spammers, more cursers that bypass filter, more people that insult others, and a lot more hackers. There must have been a way in which I can take action and prove to the WitherRealm community that it is played fair and square. My motivation is to stop hackers, stop insulters, stop the people that think that they can get away with the rules and make sure they are taught a lesson so that they and other players that follow do not repeat the same mistake. My final motivation is the desire to improve the staff of ItemCraft. I will not be slacking like them because then that breaks my virtue of wanting to have this position. I want to make WitherRealm a proud and safe community, that is what completely motivated me to attempt to make a change to it.

What interactions have you had with our staff team in the past?: I haven't had many interactions with staff. I am new here and there, I am a old WitherRealm player, and I loved the community at that time. Though, I haven't talked to many staff while the WitherRealm community was 1st out..

Why should we choose you to become a Helper?
I feel like you guys should choose me because of my skills at being a player in game. I don't rage, if I were to leave, I would say my goodbyes and demote myself, not blow the server up first, as a few staff members did on my server, and I see myself as a good member of your team. I want to help out on the server. A lot of my skills depend on my experience which is very extensive. My experience goes as far as 2013 when I started joining servers and my knowledge started to blossom. I feel like being one of the most ancient players in the community would be the reason that I am eligible to fulfill this position. I also feel qualified PVP wise as well because of my skills at detecting players that are not playing legit. With my PVP being as best as it has been I feel very strong and very confident in my decisions to take action. Being a player that has relied on experience and trial and error, I feel like I will still make mistakes so by learning from a moderator that will constantly help me it would be a mutual relationship because of how well we would learn together. The strength of my communication and sticking with my decisions is what makes me one of the strictest people even if I do seem approachable. I may be a easy going guy but when its time to be serious, I become serious. That is why you should choose me because I am a player that does things right and learns from his mistakes. I have metabolism to the point that I have good expectations for myself and I do attempt to never give up on trying the things that challenge me. I see myself eligible to make the staff team and improve WitherRealm to be the best server it can be.
I contribute through my maturity, I play very safe and effectively. I have a very advanced communication ability because of the languages I am fluent in. I am fluent in English and I am also learning French in school meaning I can help two communities including the not to mention that I try to be as nice of a person I can be when helping someone. Also I have a lot of experience as seen above with other servers and an extensive command knowledge with fast learning involved so I can be an efficient staff member whenever I am needed. I also work very well as a team with people as I learn with them and they learn with me. I can contribute by making my own decisions but also by sharing what my decisions were with the other staff so that I can make sure that I am doing things correctly. Also I will try to provide evidence when I report someone for any reason. I have experience with finding hackers with kill aura, anti-kb, aimbot, fastbow, fly, speed, regen (you hear a lot of footsteps), fast eat, no-slowdown and the rest of the hacks. If I see any of these things I will make sure that I provide some recording proof before I ban the player for some time so that I make sure that I am making the correct decisions. If someone is being disruptive in chat I will say "be nice" or warn them depending on what kind of offense it is for example "be nice" if someone is calling someone a bad word or say "stop spamming" if someone is spamming and of course for any of the chat offenses I will take screenshot proof (and if there are certain ways you guys punish I will make sure I follow those guidelines).
In what ways could you positively contribute to the community?
Finally, I will help other players: I will answer to as many people's questions as I can, I will try to answer kindly and patiently so that I do get the job done correctly. In the end I will be nice and help the people as much as I can. I would always make sure that players have a way of contacting me if they need any additional help because that is what I do, help and collaborate.

What experiences do you have with moderating a community or game?
I have been a developer host on many of the servers that needed help because of my ability which is inclusiveness. I make sure that everyone's voice is heard on the server so everyone is having fun. I make sure there aren't any hackers which makes the server not fun to play and get them recorded, kicked from the server and banned. I also make sure everyone is like a family they don't fight or say mean comments to each other. I really don't like people that fight and say mean things. I also don't know if this counts or not but this is the closest I have been to moderating a community/game. I have been volunteering everywhere in my spare time when I am not playing and I usually have to work with little kids in a day care. I play fun games with them so they don't really miss their parents as much and I am the one who usually takes charge of the people that volunteer because of my strong leadership ability. This is also my other experience of moderating a community.



Hey TheBlueZYX,

I'm currently working on a rank called Jr.Mod.
I hope you can wait on that rank? Leave a reply.
You will be accepted untill then i will leave your topic open.
Best Regards,

Orkaan aka Orkamicky - Head-Developer of Wither-Realm


Thx for can't wait for the rank it was totally worth it.. :)

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