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(Accepted) Reshirem1234's Reapply for Admin

Started by reshirem1234, Jan 07, 2017, 12:58 AM

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Jan 07, 2017, 12:58 AM Last Edit: Jan 07, 2017, 01:54 AM by Orkamicky
Ign (InGameName)?:   reshirem1234

Age(Be Honest Please):   I am 14 Years old. Turning 15 in August

Rank you want to apply for?:   I am applying for a Administrator position or a Moderator Position

From where did you get your experience of staff?:    I have my Experience in staff from Multiple other servers: (JavaLegacy, UniversalPvP, Geneticraft) In the form of a administrator Mostly (Admin)  I know the commands, and i am a responsible, and kind member of the community. All of these servers i have listed have sadly shut down due to Lack of funds, So now i'm looking at helping This server out with my skills in being a good staff member. (If you accept me) I have been staff in these servers for almost 2 years before they shut down. Each one of these servers had hundreds of people a day coming on, and there has been some pretty wild things happening. Like someone trying to Ddos the host of the server, and make his way into the console. I helped rid the server of this person thankfully. But I'm hoping you guys will think this is enough experience and hopefully let me into the Staff team :)

Anything we can contact you in?(Skype,TeamSpeak,Discord,Email): Yes, I do Have Skype, And Discord, And a working Microphone (Skype = iC Goddog) (Discord =Also iC Goddog)

How Can You Help The Server?: I can Help the server because i am a Kind, Responsible Person. I am active A Lot and i am good at moderating Chat/Community. I am good at spotting out hackers/cheaters, and i am not quick to judge. I always give people a chance to explain whats going on before a punishment whether it be a TempBan, Or a Mute, Or a kick, Or even a PermBan. I am always nice to people, I never get angry unless i have a good reason for it. I am always on so i will be able to Moniter everything going on. I can be on most days for maybe 3 hours max. On weekends till maybe 10. So all day.

How long did you play on the server?: I have played on the server for 3 days now. I have received God Rank which makes me Very happy. The owner is extremely nice and im glad to play on his server. I may even donate. I have had a great time here and i look forward to playing even if i dont get the admin rank. I hope you consider having me a good edition to the server because i know if i get accepted i will be a good edition. I can gurantee i will help you guys out with extreme confidence!

If someone Hacks or Griefs the server what will you do?: Honestly, It depends on if they have done it before or not. If its obvious hacking and they deny it, Permban for maybe 3/4 days. Maybe longer depending on the scale of what they were doing. If someone is repeatedly swearing, i will be sure to mute them for probably 10 minutes at least. If they are greifing, that means they dont care about what happens to the server, therefore i will Permban them, sadly.   I do not Like to punish people but if its what needs to be done i am more than glad to help out the server, and keep our community clean.

My Timezone is EST Eastern Standard time.  From my time on weekdays i can play from like 4:30 to 8:30, On weekends like 8 AM to 10 PM.  (So a lot of hours XD)

I hope you think about accepting me.  Thanks!


Hey reshirem1234,

You just made a beatiful apply, many will learn from this one.
You will be a Admin on the server.
I hope you will help the Staffteam great.
Best Regards,

Orkaan aka Orkamicky - Head-Developer of Wither-Realm

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